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Louis Vuitton Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 / Look 6 / Nicolas

It has finally happened, the moment I’ve been waiting for since Fall 2013, Monsieur Ghesquière is back, and better than ever. 

Typically when I think of Nicolas Ghesquière I think of the future. When he was at Balenciaga the clothes were otherworldly, high-tech, and futuristic, which I totally loved. But today, Ghesquière looked back to the past for his Louis Vuitton, Fall 2014 collection. The show featured looks that made reference to style in the 70’s. I always considered the 70’s my least favourite fashion era (CALM DOWN!), but the way that Ghesquière has done it (combined with my love for the film American Hustle), I am quickly becoming a convert.

I loved the palette of rusts, tans, blacks, and cerulean blue. It was so 70’s, but the styling was definitely updated. My favourite looks were those that were “Collegiate Biker Chic” as I think I’ll refer to it as. These are the clothes the bad ass poet chick at Harvard would have been wearing, and what myself (And I’m sure many other girls) would love to be wearing right now. I loved all the leather in different hues and functions, combined with beautiful prints, furs, and what looked like tweeds.

The collection was so refined, and just so beyond cool. I could definitely see someone like Daria Werbowy wearing these clothes, making us all super envious of her effortless beauty and cool-girl status.

My favourite thing about the show was that Ghesquière’s design aesthetic rang so true. Despite the hiatus, despite the new brand, it was clear his magnificent, creative brain had dreamt these fashions up. This was especially clear in the looks that had garments that were made up of varied fabrics, pieced together and integrated in such stylish and beautiful ways.



Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 

The footwear was totally flawless. Lots of straps and buckles, burgundy, black, and cognac leathers in both glossy and matte options. Oh lawd. And then there was the LV monogrammed chelsea boot with a heal. Heaven. I feel like a complete sea cow for saying this, but, good god I hope the magic workers at Zara can get some similar heels up in their stores ASAP.

I had built incredibly high hopes for this collection and the return of my favourite designer, and I was definitely not let down. If anything, this collection completely exceeded my expectations, and had an element of surprise to it. These looks are so classy and stylish, and those who are lucky enough to sport them this fall, are going to look spectacular.

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