Valentino Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 

Paris Fashion Week continues and today brought with it a slew of breathtaking fashion.

The Italian House, Valentino presented its Fall 2014 collection today, and it was truly breathtaking. The designers took inspiration from bold, female artists from the 60’s and 70’s. Each look was so elegant and exquisite. I loved the different motifs, and especially the flowing gowns that almost looked as though they were adorned with hanging gardens of beautiful, almost byzantine flowers.


Alexander McQueen Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 

Sarah Burton’s collection for Alexander McQueen was SHEER PERFECTION. I am truly insane for each and every look that was presented. I would highly recommend looking through the entire show. I don’t care what the trends are, I will always love witchy, whimsical, melancholy fashions. Every time I look through this new Fall 2014 collection I am bewitched by it. I loved all the petticoat dresses in white and black, the bejewelled garments, the creative fur details, the clunky shoes adorned with ribbons and frills, the rich jewel-tones to break up the parade of black on black on white (not that I’m complaining, that’s my favourite colour palette) and the voluminous silhouettes. Also, most importantly I found my future wedding gown in this collection. The above Look 4 must one day be mine, it’s incredible. The embroidery details, the lightness of the sheer fabric, and the feathered hem make this dress completely enchanting.

CORRECTION: Some of what I thought was fur, was actually organza that had been shredded, making that ‘fur’ even more unbelievable.


Chanel Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 

Thank god for Uncle Karl, Ladies? Am I right? Karl Lagerfeld, the creative genius behind Chanel has done it again. He’s known for his over-the-top runway shows, but this season’s Chanel Super Store was amazingly magnificent. I’m still in complete awe. If only I had a closet full of Chanel clothes I could just throw on when running to the grocery store. I’m always taken aback by Lagerfeld’s creativity and outside of the box designs, yet season after season his clothes remain true to the Chanel aesthetic despite their contemporary connotations. For Fall 2014 Unca Karl, as I lovingly refer to him, showed lots of new and artistic offerings of the classic Chanel tweed (my favourite being the black with multicoloured speckles), shiny, sparkling leggings, pop-art prints, and more of the wonderful Chanel sneakers. There was something almost futuristic about the whole experience, beyond the call for a new casual. If Karl is trying to suggest that this is how women running around town should dress themselves, I would gladly oblige.

So far this Paris Fashion Week has been breathtaking. There are more collections I’m  completely enamored of than I can write about!

Tomorrow (4am E.S.T) is what I’ve been waiting for though. That is when the world will be introduced to the new Louis Vuitton, overseen by the absolute peach, Nicolas Ghesquière. I’m so excited I may have to take some extra melatonin to sleep through the night!!


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