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Dance Floor Diaries


It is officially that time in my life when friends have paired off with their one true loves, and are tying the knot. A very exciting time for any single, 27 year old female. But really, I’m thrilled for these pals, sincerely wish them a lifetime of happiness, and could not be more eager to celebrate their love! The last time I was a guest at a wedding I was just a young’en, sporting a poofy dress, and running around the dance floor like an absolute hooligan. The only things I anticipate being different now that I’m older is the lack of poof to my dress and access to the bar, which no doubt will mean the running around the dance floor like a hooligan part will stay exactly the same (if not on an amplified level). Here’s a playlist of my absolute favourite dance floor jams – making a fool myself a 100% guarantee.  Continue reading


Okay Baby, Let’s Go Dancing


Dance! Boogie! 

T.F.G.I.F! It’s the end of the week and I couldn’t be more pleased. To me that signifies an excuse to enjoy some d’fwine and d’fwance. Unfortunately this weekend I won’t be kicking up my heels, but I thought I’d paint you a picture of the typical evolution of my dance moves during an average night out. Continue reading