Small Spaces: Art Schmart


I like taking every opportunity to infuse my personality into this blog, and revealing some of my quirky insights whenever I can. Today I’m going to talk about my itty bitty, teeny weeny little bedroom.

I’ve lived here for 3 years now, and we’ve all come to the conclusion that this “3rd bedroom” has to have originally been designed as the apartment’s solarium. It’s a lonnnng running joke, “I’ll meet you in the solarium!” “Time for a solarium party!”..things of that nature. And in all seriousness, a solarium party is off the chain. Honestly, I’m quite content with my tiny space and think I’ve done a pretty good job with the space considering its size. There’s pretty much just enough room for a yoga mat, and to kick around need be (a serious requirement I have), but one peak into this room and you know I am the inhabitant. This post is going to focus on what’s hanging on my walls and their stories.

Hanging in the upper right corner, you’ll find this great photo of Helena Bonham Carter in a Marc Jacobs advertisement from a few years ago. I loved how bizarre it was and immediately ripped it out of my Vogue and Ikea framed it. I do this a lot. I’ll find an ad or an editorial shot that I love, rip it out, slip it into a safe place…and then completely forget where that safe place is. Luckily this gem survived my failing memory

Below it is an amazing hand drawn photo from The Royal Tenenbaums that my brother drew for art class using pencil crayons. The kid’s a true talent…and how did I repay him?? With a Nintendo DS game. Wes Anderson is one of my favourite directors, I own ALL his movies on DVD, and never grow tired of them. Life imitated art Halloween 2012 when I dressed up as Gwyneth Paltrow’s  character, Margot.


Below that is a beautiful print, by Ruth Waters, of 5 Russian dolls that my Aunt and Cousin gave to me as a housewarming gift upon my initial occupation of this charming solarium. I was so touched that they had thought of me when they saw it. Though I don’t blame them, as a couple years before that art imitated life when I donned a Russian doll costume for Halloween 2009.


In the upper right corner, and lower right corner, I have plaqued versions of a couple of my favourite Aritzia shopping bags. The top one is a cool image of someone amidst the feathery carnage of a pillow fight, which I thought was very appropriate to have above a bed. I thought the bottom image, with the deers and lightning, was really cool. It reminded me of a cotton-candy version of a still from Melancholia, but instead of Kirsten Dunst, there were deers (no, I’ve never dressed up as a deer for halloween, but maybe next year).

Finally there’s my pride and joy, my Marie Antoinette. The Sofia Coppola movie, Marie Antoinette, is another of my all time favourites, I watch it multiple times a year. One evening in third year of University, my roommates and I had a wine fuelled night of arts and crafts. It’s a very fond memory of mine, and the product of the night was this painting I did of Marie Antoinette using fabric paint. I really cherish it and get a lot of inspiration from it.


As you can see, the solarium truly is a magical place, full of creativity and wonder…and that’s only one wall! Just goes to show there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a small space.


2 responses to “Small Spaces: Art Schmart

  1. I was Margot in 2012 as well! Wes Anderson is a god.

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