One Man’s Trash



In the movie Zoolander they highlight a new fashion craze entitled Derelicte, which showcased garments that consisted of mundane objects and garbage that you may find scattered on the streets. This type of ‘anti-fashion’ movement isn’t just a hilarious punchline from a much beloved movie from 2001, but one that actually has some bearing on trends today.

In 2000, Galliano presented a full on ‘derelicte’ collection, which the comedic film used to make a parody. Though we still see designs such as these walk the runway, the ‘anti-fashion’ style of today is more of a conscious effort to appear dial-ed back, in a uniform of completely inconspicuous clothing [Read this wonderful Vogue article describing what normcore actually is, I’ve been trying to piece the actual definition together for months!]. Instead of focusing on this complicated concept of a simple style, I thought I’d showcase some derelicte iPhone accessories that at first glance, may appear as crinkled up trash.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs, 50.00

2. Society 6, 15.00

3. Society 6, 15.00

4. Forever 21, 10.80

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs, 43.59

6. Kate Spade New York, 46.27

For years I have refused to get an iPhone case…for no particular reason, I’m more of a ‘rebel without a cause’ type. But when I saw the silver, crinkled foil Marc by Marc Jacobs metallic case…I knew my day had come to finally protect my phone. That, and the reminder that my phone was fairly new and my old one had perished via. cider drowning.

Since our phones are now a bonafide appendage (whether it be to swipe on Tinder or scroll on Instagram), we may as well have some fun by dressing up their epidermis.



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