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Apps I Wish Existed


Back in the day, if you required a certain tool, gizmo, or piece of information you would have had to just hope that it was hiding among your lipsticks in your purse, somewhere nearby, or in the depths of your mind. Nowadays we obviously have the luxury of turning to our handy, dandy smartphones to do this work for us. Need a flashlight? There’s an app for that. Need to know where the nearest cronut shop is? There’s an app for that. Need to get laid? Don’t you worry, there’s an app for that too. We’ve certainly come to rely upon the apps in our lives to make things easier, but there are a few yet-to-be-developed apps that could really help me out. Continue reading


One Man’s Trash



In the movie Zoolander they highlight a new fashion craze entitled Derelicte, which showcased garments that consisted of mundane objects and garbage that you may find scattered on the streets. This type of ‘anti-fashion’ movement isn’t just a hilarious punchline from a much beloved movie from 2001, but one that actually has some bearing on trends today. Continue reading