The Killin’-It List

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Confession: I am a total Kardashian Junkie. As a beloved ‘lady’ once said, SO WHAT? WHO CARES?! People love to hate on them, love to point out how they are just a manifestation of the troubled frame of mind our generation is in. I could care less. The show provides me with mindless entertainment in a world where my brain is constantly overwhelmed with external stressors, where the family’s candor cracks me up and honestly, makes me cry on the regular. So that’s my dirty little secret: I’m a Kardashian fan. Big. Frickin’. Whoop.

When I saw that Kim and Kanye were on the cover of my bible, Vogue, I was ecstatic. I don’t know why the masses feathers got so ruffled. The lyrical genius and artist Kanye? Good! The image of a healthy body such as Kim’s on the cover? Also Good! Anna Wintour’s job is to choose covers and content that are a representation of the spirit of the times we are living in and whether you like it or not, Kimye is relevant as f@*#. I know that’s a lot of ego on one glossy cover, but what celebrity who’s graced the cover DOESN’T have an inflated ego? Why can the public be completely selfie and hashtag obsessed (over 17 million selfies get posted every week), but when Vogue creates a commentary surrounding society’s obsession with ‘self’ using the selfie queen herself, Kim K, people literally lose their shit? Wintour didn’t put those two on the cover, we did, by subscribing to daily conversations about them, and their reality, as well as by placing such importance on the extension of our arms and the resulting immortal snapshots of our faces. It’s a whole lot of fuss with very little substance if you ask me.

Not only are the Kardashians relevant, but they have seriously stepped up their fashion game. Whether Kanye is behind it or not, Kim’s wardrobe is unbelievably enviable these days with her many Céline coats, Saint Laurent leather jackets, and custom Givenchy dresses. She’s killing me with her couture.

My favourite Kardashian (or Jenner, rather) style comes from the youngest, Kylie. Her sartorial selections are so cool. There’s an episode from last season where Kim realizes just how hip Kylie is and wants her opinion on everything; this is how I am feeling as of late. Her pairings are just super chic and cool, there’s no other way of putting it, and she seems to do so with such ease. Also, as I’ve stated previously, I’m completely obsessed with her haircut. In 2 weeks time, I will hopefully be sporting this ‘do. My favourite look from the above collage is definitely the cut-out, white Chloé t-shirt dress, worn with a simple crossbody bag, and the most amazing Balenciaga boots of all time.  Below, I’ve compiled some doppelgänger pieces that one might find in Kylie’s wonderfully curated wardrobe.

Kylie Klothes

$460 –

Vintage tee
$140 –

Topshop coat

Ksubi black shorts
$250 –

Flat shoes
$34 –

Prada sunglasses
$265 –

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