2nd Annual Oscar Superlatives


Last night the 87th Academy Awards (but friends just call him Oscar) took place and the show was stuffed to the brim with glitz and glam. Each time the camera spanned the audience we were treated with an endless supply of our favourite stars’ beaming faces and an opportunity to judge their outfits, reactions, and merit. While the winners are set in gold, and some of my top picks weren’t deemed ‘worthy’ – in my own Rêve Head arena – I am captain, and able to decide who wins my own breed of superlatives. Enjoy!

Best Accessory: Streaming Tears


At last nights’ Oscars there were so many glistening eyes to choose from, but only a few tear-streaked faces can take away top prize: the endearing moments with David Oyelowo, Chris Pine, and Keith Urban are among the best.

Best Cameo: Miles Teller’s Birdman Drumming Spoof

There’s no doubt that Miles Teller is God’s gift to women, so when he appeared in a carefully crafted Birdman spoof, drumming his little heart out (00:56 mark)? Well, my heart skipped a beat.

Rosiest Cheeks: Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood’s two rosy, apple-hued cheeks had this category in the bag.

Goofiest Grin/Prettiest Eyes: Jared Leto


Who else??

Most Expressive Eyebrows: Jennifer Aniston’s Left Brow


Lefty just couldn’t control its excitement!

Second Most Expressive Eyebrows: Benedict Cumberbatch


Most Popular: Wes Anderson


Despite not taking any statues for himself, the man had his accolades sung on stage on at least 4 different occasions.

Most Luscious Flow: Marco Perego


Last year Jared Leto’s perfect ombré waves made women around the world green with envy. This year it was Zoe Saldana’s husband’s luscious locks that we covet most.

Most Hilarious Polish Man: Pawel Pawlikowski


“And it was thiiiiiiis big!”

Best Costume: Questlove and Will Arnett


Best Joke: Jared Leto to Meryl Streep


He’s pretty AND funny!

Breath of Fresh Air/Dream Fairy God Mother: Lady Gaga


The show wasn’t particularly energetic last night, but when Lady Gaga took to the stage to sing an absolutely beautiful tribute to The Sound of Music, it brought the ceremony back to life.

Best Stage Prop: An Invisible Soapbox


This year’s winners really took advantage of their time in the spotlight to use the podium and their acceptance speech as a soapbox to bring important causes to the forefront. Such topics included: wage equality for women, ALS, Alzheimer’s, being different, staying weird, immigration reform, and finally Common and John Legend delivered a very moving speech about equal rights and justice. There wasn’t a dry face in the crowd.

Best Drinking Game: Stedman


Drink every time the camera goes to Stedman – mouth agape, seemingly unfazed by the awards ceremony happening around him.

Most Likely To Go Rogue: Glom Gazingo


Not only would John Travolta not let go of Idina Menzel’s (also known as Adele Dazeem) face, but then he went rogue and snuck up behind Scarlett Johansson and did THIS!


Best Tighty Whities: Tied between NPH and Alejandro Iñárritu wearing Michael Keaton’s


It was a very brave move for Neil Patrick Harris to don only his tighty whities on stage, but even bolder was Alejandro Iñárritu’s decision to wear another man’s drawers.

The Most Notable Things MISSING From the Oscars

Firstly, Joan Rivers



Secondly, Matthew McConaughey’s other two ‘Alright’s.


Most Tender Embrace: Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews


While Travolta’s embrace of Scarlett Johansson was probably most notable, this onstage hug was absolutely heartwarming.

Best Fashun Moment: Anna Wintour


Not unlike every front row runway appearance she’s ever made, Anna Wintour broke all the rules and wore her sunglasses inside.

Weirdest Red Carpet Pose: Tim McGraw


While nothing will ever beat John Travolta’s sneak attack…Look guys! Country music stars can be weird and goofy too! Is he yelling a sweet nothing into Faith’s ear? OR is he trying to eat it? I suppose we’ll never know.

Best In Show: Jack Black


Because he’s one of my favourite people on this planet, truly hilarious, and absolutely rocking his salt ‘n pepper beard.

Most Dapper Gentlemen: Adam Levine, Jared Leto, Andy Samberg, Chris Pratt, Miles Teller, Common, Adrien Brody, and the one, the only – Jeff Goldblum


Mm mm good – nothin’ like a good suit. Am I right ladies???

Most Gorgeous Gals: Marion Cotillard, Dakota Johnson, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, and Sienna Miller


While all the women looked stunning at the Oscars, these 5 looks were my favourite – Marion Cotillard’s chic Dior, Dakota Johnson’s sophisticated and sleek Saint Laurent, Cate Blanchett’s simple yet bold Maison Margiela, and Sienna Miller’s glamorous navy and black Oscar de la Renta – but top prize for best dressed goes to Naomi Watts, in Armani Privé. As always, Naomi shows her effortlessly cool style in this silver number, complete with sparkling bandeau, perfectly coiffed, but relaxed waves, and a bold dark lip.



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