Dream Tunez: Hillside Edition


Despite an affinity for fresh produce, the outdoors, and the fashion and music of the 60’s, I have never considered myself a hippie. Patchouli, bare feet, and communal livin’ just ain’t for me. The drum circles at the park tend to irritate me, and I have no desire to grab a tambourine and dance to the rhythm of Mother Earth’s movement. However, after living in the beautiful city of Guelph for 4 years, my heart has opened up to a simpler type of living. Particularly when that life includes the wonderful music festival that is Hillside. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Guelph, let me fill you in. The city and school are world famous for their research and work in the veterinary and agriculture fields. So in sum – Guelphites are caring and nurturing, love all things furry, and their gardens grow quite fine. Guelph folk are one part intellectual, one part tree hugger, and one part non-stop party animal. This is what makes Hillside so glorious. It’s a 3 day gathering of incredibly rad people, who can stomp to a fiddle just as expertly as they sway to a cosmic synth, all the while with a delicious micro-brewed beer/locally harvested cider in their hand. These people are the best, and this place is one of my very favourites on the planet. The Hillside lineup is always as eclectic and impressive as its attendees – this year boasting acts such as BADBADNOTGOOD, TEEN, the Constantines, the Doldrums, BRAIDS, Last Ex, and Lee Reed. Here’s a playlist to provide you with some Hillside ear candy – whether you’re needing to brush up on your musical street cred before you get to the Lake, or you’re missing out this weekend and need to soothe a bad case of FOMO.




Happy Hillside!


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