An Ode To Spooky Tunez


Since a young age I’ve had a strong affinity towards spooky music. I can remember being around the age of 4 or 5, and lying on the floor of my grandmother’s living room, listening to the creepiest children’s song ever – Skin and Bones by Raffi. I absolutely loved it. From my position on the carpet I would make ghostly movements with my fingers and arms, and thoroughly creep myself out listening to the lyrics that described graveyards and bones laying around – but it made no difference – I’d ask to have the song played again, absolutely delighted. Recently I was at a music festival enjoying some of said spooky music when a friend, less enthralled by the glory that is this genre, skeptically (though gently) asked what this type of music was called. Of course I turned to the ever wonderful *spooky* adjective, going on to paint a fuller picture of the sounds we were experiencing by tying in haunted house and Blair Witch imagery. I’m not sure my explanation was very convincing, but it certainly sent chills up my spine. In my mind – the more goosebumps, the better. Here’s a playlist of some of my very favourite spooky tunez. 

The bar for spooky music is set high by folks such as Timber Timbre and Last Ex – the latter having actually composed a horror movie soundtrack – definitely check these rad groups out if you’re needing assistance in understanding what the hell I’m talking about. What classifies as *spooky* for me tends to vary, so it’s not necessarily always a similar sound that I’m drawn to. From a dark blue grass twang, to lap steel guitar, to creepy choral vocals, to heavy handed synth samples – these are the sounds that create that good ol’ spooky feelin’. Keep searching for that sound that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, a desire to have a candlelit seance, and that eerie feeling that there may be someone lurking in the shadows – that’s when you know the tunes are especially good. 




In the words of Timber Timbre – Creep on Creepin’ on!


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