The Pinhead and Doodad Club


Exhibit A: When we were kids we collected all sorts of trinkets and doodads to adorn our possessions with. We had patches, pins, and stickers coming out of our ears (and probably stuck all over our faces too). Exhibit B: Trends are cyclical. Ipso facto – patches, pins, and other quirky ‘n fun accessories are back with a vengeance and taking the millennial cohort by storm. The world is full of dreamy denim jackets, and totally rad totes, just waiting to be decorated with whimsical and quirky what-nots. Thank the accessory heavens that there are so many wonderful pin makers, patch crafters, and tote masters to choose from! 


Rosehound Apparel


Ryerson Alumni, Megan Campagnola, a Toronto-based accessory wizard is the master behind the wonderful pins, patches and totes available at Rosehound Apparel. With lots of nods to Twin Peaks, The Heathers, and oh-so-wonderful chips, Rosehound Apparel has completely won my heart.

Heathers Patch, $6.00

Blue Velvet Patch, $6.00

Cherry Pie Pin, $6.00

I Love Chips Pin, $1.00

90’s Leonardo DiCaprio Pin, $6.00


No Fun Press


Toronto is just absolutely brimming with talented peeps purveying lifestyle accessories to the masses. No Fun Press, founded by Reilly Hodgson, is one of said rad suppliers. Their mission: producing top-quality items for disgruntled people with discerning taste. Need I say more??

Flying Cash Lapel Pin, $5.00

Up To No Good Lapel Pin, $5.00

Happy Poop Lapel Pin, $5.00

Gimme The Loot Patch, $5.00

Emboidered Patch, $.500


Stay Home Club


Are you a sassy sad girl who loves cute shit? Stay Home Club, a Montreal brand for ‘people who have no life’ and run by Olivia Mew, has absolutely adorable and hilarious goodies for those of you who would rather spend your Friday night at home (can I get an amen?). My favourites include the Emotional Baggage tote bag (which I wear with pride) and the Sad Songs Forever patch. It’s like they know me or something…

Sad Songs Iron-On Patch, $6.00

Stay Home Club Iron-On Patch, $6.00

I’m Particular Pin, $3.00

Sometimes Nothing Happens Pin, $3.00

Rude Little Pig Iron-On Patch, $6.00




Another Toronto pin ‘n patch hawker of the highest artistic quality is Spellcaster. This shop boasts quirky and finely designed accessories with a bit of a dark side, but also a sense of humour. Sounds more like I’m describing my perfect man, but no…I digress.

Out Of This World Patch, $5.00

Fingers Crossed Pin, $5.00

Flutter Skull Pin, $5.00

Bad Apple Pin, $5.00

Born Under A Bad Sign Pin, $5.00


Sick Girls


With a healthy dose of sassy girl humour, and retro vibes, Sick Girls is dishing out amazing patches and pins to their fans in Toronto and beyond. The simple design, and girly sentiments are much appreciated by yours truly.

Sick Girls Club Pin, $2.00

Don’t Count On It Pin, $1.00

BLARIA Pin, $8.00

Being Bad Ain’t Easy Patch, $7.00

Bad Luck Babe Patch, $6.00


If you liked it then you shoulda put a pin on it!



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