Girl Band Hopeful


My sweet mother is constantly calling me out for not having a hobby. “I like fashion, reading, movies, TV, music, *blogging*, eating ‘n cooking, exercising, partying, and doodling! Doesn’t that count?!” I retort with the exasperated angst of my teenage glory. In a way, I guess she is kind of right. I suppose a true hobby is something that lies outside the realm of just plain interests, something that you put your precious time into, and something that you are constantly learning, growing with, and improving on. At the beginning of the summer I hoped to pick up a new hobby, and ladies and gentleman – I have finally landed on a winner – I’m going to learn electric guitar and it’s all thanks to the inspiration that my favourite girl bands have provided me.

This obsession all started after I had the absolute pleasure of seeing the unbelievably talented girl band TEEN perform at Hillside Festival this summer. Their set, the dream of one day contributing to a girl band, my never ending worship of Annie Clark, all combined with the music of Daniel Lanois got me completely fixated on the idea of learning a new instrument. Lanois plays the pedal steel, which turns out is kind of an obscure instrument and procuring lessons proved to be difficult. I’m anything if not adaptable – so I turned my attention to the electric guitar. Until my beautiful Squier by Fender Stratocaster Deluxe arrives (I should bottle and sell this kind of excitement) I will be giving myself a lesson in the history of rock c/o Jack Black’s School of Rock character, Dewey Finn, as well as looking to my favourite girl bands as a guiding light. May their awesome voices, endless musical talents, and face melting guitar skills show me the way.







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