Let Me Tell You A Little Story…


A story about two of the most generous people I know – Samantha Jackson and Farz Yousefian. I’ve known Sam since kindergarten, and have watched her become a fierce advocate for change, giving herself wholly to any cause she involves herself with. She met her perfect match – Farz – who may very well rival Sam with his kindness and altruistic nature. Together they make an unstoppable team. They had planned their wedding for Spring 2016 – but both, being deeply involved in the efforts towards the Syrian humanitarian crisis, decided to do something amazing.  

Instead of having the traditional wedding celebration that they had already organized (these two were super on the ball and had all the vendors reserved and a guest list prepared), they moved their nuptials to this fall, and used the occasion to raise awareness and fundraise for Ryerson Lifeline Syria Challenge. Incredible right?  Though they cancelled their bigger wedding in order to redirect the funds to the cause, and instead opted for a more intimate and casual gathering, the evening was absolute magic. I felt not only so joyous to celebrate their amazing connection and love for one another, but endlessly proud of their selflessness and immeasurable compassion for others. I can’t think of a better way to begin a life together than how Sam and Farz went about it.

The couple had followed the news, they saw the devastating impact this crisis was causing on the lives of innocents, and realized they had to do something -that they were in a position to do something more. Empathy will always be triumphant over apathy, and go much further than sitting back and closing your eyes to the world. As Sam put so eloquently, “A humanitarian crisis requires a humanitarian response.”  I’m hoping we can all learn from this amazingly beautiful act, and support the cause as well. If you’re able, please donate to the Lifeline Syria Challenge, and contribute to making a difference!


*Please visit this link and select “Samantha Jackson & Farzin Yousefian” from the drop down list of names (they’re near the bottom)! Tax receipts are issued!*

Photo Credit: Jim Martin


One response to “Let Me Tell You A Little Story…

  1. A great read about a wonderful couple!

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