An Ode To Grimes


Excuse me while I fan girl out of orbit for a little but – but guys – Grimes is my all time favourite. My absolute jam. Though I only happened upon her a mere 4 years ago, I’m sure, that on some spiritual level I’ve always loved her. Surely it was written in the cosmos that this was the music for me. This is where my dance moves and attempts at Mariah Carey level pitch flourish. Girly, dancey, pop-y, BUT – and this is important – very, very weird. In a GREAT way. Unique. A perspective on pop that is *fresh*, creative, and experimental. I’ve spent the last few years listening to her previous albums, VisionsGeidi Primes, and Darkbloom with abandon, but her recently released album, Art Angels, has had me completely entranced since my pre-ordered copy popped up on my iPhone 2 weeks ago. It is heaven.

I’ve seen her perform twice before, headlining a festival and opening for Ms. Lana Del Rey, but this weekend – this glorious weekend – I will have the absolute pleasure of experiencing a full Grimes show. And as such, I must now sing her praises – to which there is no end.

The Look


I certainly don’t want to diminish the extraordinary Grimes down to a discussion about her appearance, but seriously, it has to be mentioned. As a person who highly commends those who are bold in their beauty and fashion choices, Grimes deserves a round of applause for her many successes in this department. Girl has tried every possible hair colour and completely rocked it. Her outfits tend to be as unique as her tunez, and she never shies away from a little glitter (a girl after my own heart). Needless to say, her style is completely on point.


The PSA’s


Not only do I admire Claire Boucher (aka. Grimes, in case you didn’t know) for her style, but I admire and value her opinions and intellect. She promotes veganism (often posting yummy looking vegan edibles on her Instagram @actuallygrimes), environmentalism (didn’t do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge due to the drought in California, but still posted about the cause. Also, check out her eco-friendly rider!), encourages Canadian youths to get out the vote, and finally her statements about sexism are incredibly powerful, brave, true and eloquent.


The Dance Moves


Sooooo this is awkward – I don’t know who stole whose or if it is just coincidence, but Grimes’ dance moves (a graceful windmill either jumping or casting spells) are extremely akin to mine, ever more so softening the Grimes shaped spot in my heart.





(I hope you enjoyed and drew as much inspiration from those as I did)

The Music

Finally, and probably most importantly, Grimes’ music is amazing (as previously stated gushed about). Since I love making playlists almost as much as I love Grimes’ tunez, I’ve put together a selection of my very favourite Grimes songs. Most of her new songs (they are all incredible) aren’t available on YouTube, so be sure to either stream them via Spotify, or make the smart choice and buy the album on iTunes (it’s so worth it) ! Please enjoy.


Now, take a page out of Grimes’ book and live life in a vivid dream and/or laugh and don’t be normal – whatever comes naturally.


Sources: oystermag/



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