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Little Ol’ Me


Being a girl means being many different things at once. It means that at a certain age you discovered the joys of covering things in glitter and colourful stickers. It means feeling rad as hell when holding an electric guitar in your arms, despite your level of talent. It means loving getting your nails done just as much as you love carrying a canoe on your back (and perhaps chipping said nails). It means having a closet full of your favourite colour, whether that be pink, black, or plaid, and rocking it on the daily. It means being able to do an impressive number of push-ups, but not always being able to open the jar of almond butter you so desperately crave. It means benefitting from an emotional intelligence many boys will sadly never know, while also having that same sensitivity devalued or used against you. It can mean whatever you want it to mean, but the older I get, the more I experience and expose myself to, the more I realize that to certain people, what it means to be a girl is set in stone, and with those expectations comes a less than savoury treatment. Continue reading


Hear Me Roar


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me – or so the old adage goes. But what if you’ve been fooled more times than you can count? Or even worse…what if you’ve just been fooling yourself? These are the fun thoughts that run through your mind when you’re a 20-something and attempting to navigate the treacherous world of dating. “Treacherous?!”, you say, slightly baffled by my perhaps hyperbolic description of what is supposed to be a *super fun* pastime that involves drinks, laughs and suggestive glances. Exaggerate I do not. Love is indeed a battlefield, my friends. And one must share their war stories in order to get out of the trenches.  Continue reading

Glossary of Modern-Day Dudes


First things first – a disclaimer – I know diddly squat about men. Ab-so-lut-ely nothin’. So if you’re looking for dating guidance, or an oracle that explains the great mystery of the 21st century – modern-day 20-something dudes – then I must apologize, as this is a ‘blind leading the blind’ situation. However, I can certainly commiserate with you over the completely baffling texts, behaviour, yet equal dreaminess of the modern-day man. I have a crush on every cute boy. Quite literally. So here’s a glossary of all the different types of dudes we modern-day ladies have encountered at one point in our lives.

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