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Flashback Friday: Silver Fox Edition


Aging is inevitable. It happens drastically once each year, but really (and not to get existential here and bum you out), it’s happening with each passing moment. But don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily bad news. For one thing, with age comes wisdom, and who couldn’t use a few extra sage, pearls? Also, if we can learn anything from the aging process of wine and cheese, then we can only assume that we’re just getting better with the passing of time. This can also be said for some very, very lucky and very, very handsome men. There are a handful of beautiful men who as youths were hot as hell, but as they’ve aged, wooweee – and I quote the Mask here – somebody stop me! This Friday, let’s flashback together and indulge in some glorious, silver fox, eye candy. Continue reading


Underground Roulette


The Subway Heroes: Bradley / Jakey / Jakey / Pee-Wee

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I thought it was about time that we discussed matters of the heart, more specifically matters of the sidelong glances of those who ride public transit.

Between Monday and Thursday I spend almost 2 hours each day aboard the subway. To and fro I go, typically over-heating and frazzled OR head nodding off, dangerously close to the person next to me. And I’m not the only one. Apparently 2.67 million other folks are riding the TTC daily. And of those 2.67 million, a good handful of them are eye candy worthy.  Continue reading