Festival Hairspiration


Picture this – a sea of swaying people all wearing the same Instagram approved trends. These trends trickled down from Coachella, to Governors Ball, and have now made their way to the festival crowd you’re currently dancing in. I myself am one of those sheep following the flock, despite my personal notion that the vibe I’m projecting is one of a kind, the truth is – it’s not. You can’t throw a discarded $20 beer can without hitting someone wearing a flower crown, denim cut-offs, or some form of fringe. While my stance is firm that my cut-offs and semi-crop tops will always be my festival uniform (as I cannot be bothered to rethink it), I am willing to put a little more thought into my festival ‘do. Here are some unique hair styles to attempt at your next festival. Inspiration c/o your favourite lady rock stars. 



GRIMES HAIRSPIRATIONSource: followfrisby.wordpress.com

If I haven’t already made it abundantly clear – I am Grimes’ ultimate fangirl. I beam uncontrollably when I see her live, my dance moves just naturally fit her music perfectly, and no one will ever take her place as the top played artist on my iTunes. She always has a look all her own, but specifically, these bold pigtails from her Genesis music video are especially worth replicating. Imagine the wingspan your hair whipping would achieve.


FKA Twigs


FKA Twigs has not only introduced an entirely new sound to the world, but also an entirely new style. The girl can enviably work any unique look she puts her mind to. Her braids and baby hair art have become notorious, and while perhaps labour intensive, a ‘do like this would definitely set you apart at any festival. Here’s a tutorial to help you along.


MO HAIRSPIRATIONSource: inkmusic.at

This Danish beauty who’s predominantly known for her staggering talents (both vocal and Bollywood dancing), but also for her signature ‘do. Lil Miss MØ is always rockin’ a side pony, or side braid that spouts from the very top of her head. It’s a good look and I think would lend itself nicely to dance moves that require circular head movements (as so many do).


St. Vincent

ST VINCENT HAIRSPIRATIONSource: liveinlimbo.com

There are some things in this life that take time to get over – Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s Grammy performance last year, sliced bread – that shit’s great, and for me, I will never get over St. Vincent’s amazing cornrows. They’re nothing short of glorious. Last summer my talented friend gave me a similar look, and let me just tell you, I felt completely invincible all day. Here’s a tutorial in case you’re feeling bold enough to attempt this style.


Sisters Haim

HAIM HAIRSPIRATIONSource: style.mtv.com

Au natural and flowing – the Haim sisters show us  how to keep it simple and keep it beautiful. Nothing says Laid Back Lucy like long, middle-parted, and air dried locks. The perfect look for the effortless cool girl, unfussy chick, or girl who slept in and didn’t have time to do anything out of the ordinary – she still looks damn good though!


Whatever ‘do you choose, rock it with confidence and the good times will follow!


Header Image: giphy.com



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