Great New Music Expectations


New releases – they make my world go round (not to mention the entertainment industry as well). I’m constantly keeping track of dates of what’s about to come out – whether it’s the next Paul Thomas Anderson movie, the premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or the upcoming designer collab with H&M. While a new release is thrilling, despite my excitement for whatever it is, you will never find me waiting in line for hours, or elbowing girls in the mall for that last Balmain sweater. However, there is one type of release I can pre-order from the comfort of my home, so even if I forget it’s coming out, I’m one of the first (of many) to experience the novelty. I speak of new music, my friends, sweet sweet new tunez. 

Over the past couple of years I have been a devoted iTunes purchaser of all kinds of music. I admit, I was once an avid downloader, but then something changed me. It was a recipe of 3 different factors that stopped my pirating ways:

  1. I felt kinda guilty.
  2. I thought, ‘What if I ever meet a member of a band I love, and I’m not able to show them that I actually bought their music? a) that makes me a bad fan, b) that hurts my chances of becoming their BFFAEAEAEAE.
  3. I once very briefly dated this incredibly handsome musician, and he vehemently opposed downloading music, so I guess that made an impact (he was soooOOooo cute you guyz).

Despite my Visa bill being substantially larger each month due to this new and frequent expenditure, my music collection has definitely benefited. I’ve put together a sampling of some of my most beloved artists who have new releases coming out in the next year, that I simply cannot wait for. Enjoy 🙂




Grimes – Art Angels – Nov.6, 2015 (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

DIIV – Is The Is Are – Feb.5, 2016

Kanye West – SWISH – TBA

Rihanna – TBA

Chromatics – Dear Tommy – “In time for Valentine’s Day”

M.I.A. – Matahdatah – TBA

Frank Ocean – Boys Don’t Cry (?) – TBA


2 responses to “Great New Music Expectations

  1. I have to mention Adele! Nov 20!

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