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Just Eat It: Cauliflower

CAULIFLOWERAs I was not raised particularly religiously – Veggie Tales was not a big part of my upbringing. I got my morals from my mama, and my love for veggies from Jamie Oliver. The ever-so-charming Brit had a show where he taught littler ones the benefits of healthy eating and of better acquainting themselves with all the vegetables of the rainbow. Ever since falling hook, line, and sinker for the Naked Chef’s healthy preachings I now view avocados as being aces, broccoli is my beloved and kale is king. As of late I’ve added a new and adaptable veggie to my liturgy. Continue reading

If Anybody Asks – We’re Just Stargazing


A new year has begun and with it we are given as fresh a slate as we’re ever going to get. The remaining line of dust that we’ve spent 2014 trying to sweep up, can now be swept under the rug so to speak. Forget those nagging neuroses and the to-do items that were never crossed off your list from the past year. You’ve been granted a fresh, gleaming strand of another 365 days to have a go at!  Continue reading

The Winter Face Slap


The winter season is upon us – more specifically – on my face. It is this changing of the seasons that wreaks the most havoc on our poor, unsuspecting skin. You wake up, you see a fresh blanket of marshmallow snow on the lawn, and then you have the bright idea to venture into the winter wonderland to treat yourself to a delectably festive peppermint latté. Bad idea my friend, bad idea. Not only will you return home with a stomach ache from your sickly sweet beverage (womp womp), but your face is now ablaze from the thrashings of that harsh winter wind. It is this time of year that you must rise up against the frosty temperatures, beauty products in hand, and once again become the master of your own face. Resist the winter face slap! Continue reading

Primavera Polish


Strolling down Bloor Street today, sun shining, happy people out on the patios enjoying sangria…I realized: it’s official…spring has sprung (about bloody time too)! Continue reading

Picnic Pout


With the snow melting, and the sun making its first attempt this year to SLIGHTLY warm the planet I am reminded that spring is on its way. And because I like to get ahead of myself, this means summer is close by as well.

Summer weather means light, airy clothes, and barely there makeup. Our skin is sun-kissed, so our faces are able to breath without formulas. Despite making a concerted effort to rock a ‘natural glow’ all summer long, I am happy to play around with lipstick pigments. Today I’m going to find the perfect lipstick to match the tint provided to your pout by some yummy, summer picnic treats.

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The Slowpoke Diaries


Y’knowwwww, I’m not one to shy away from physical exertion. Happy to hike, pleased to portage a canoe on my back, and bloody psyched to partake in a body combat class. But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get on board with running. Continue reading

Brows Are Thicker Than Blondes


There are few things in this world that I take as seriously as I take eyebrows…mine, yours, everybody’s. And as I should. They’re one of the most prominent features on your face. Whoever said the eyes are the windows to our souls was a fool. OBVIOUSLY eyebrows serve this purpose.

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